Jayne King, Direct of Wild Plant Shop

Jayne King

The Boss

Jayne's love for plants spans decades and she has passed this knowledge down to her two daughters, Jenni and Katy. This was the driving force behind opening Wild back in June 2019. Jayne grew up with an obsession for Cacti, this grew into Spider Plants, Monstera and also spilled over into the world of gardening.

  • Favourite plant: Variegated Monstera
  • Big fan of: 80’s rock ballads
Jenni King, Director of Wild Plant Shop

Jenni King

The Organiser

Jenni first learned about plants through her mum, grandparents, and later in life through her partner, Scott. Jenni’s house is full of plants, it takes at least an hour to get everything watered. Nightmare!

  • Favourite plant: Hoya bella (a very special family heirloom)
  • Big fan of: Franchise films
Katy King, Director of Wild Plant Shop

Katy King

The Creative

Katy is the baby of the gang, but easily the most creative. She makes her very own soy wax candles under the brand House of Wax, which are a strong favourite at Wild. She loves propagating plants at home and watching them grow and is also very particular about how the shop looks; styling is Katy’s thing.

  • Favourite plant: Bird of Paradise
  • Big fan of: Cheesy American high school TV shows
Jordan Warren, Director of Wild Plant Shop

Jordan Warren

The Late Bloomer

Jordan joined us recently to help with the business and all things digital. He's very fond of numbers. Weird.

  • Favourite plant: Raven ZZ
  • Big fan of: Scottish Highlands