Spectacular Houseplants That Flower

Spectacular Houseplants That Flower

To us at Wild Plant Shop, all plants are beautiful, but they’re especially striking when they pop a few flowers. There is a great selection of flowering houseplants and I would always start with our favourite, the Hoya Bella, as pictured above. Its waxy petals look more like sweets than flora and once they start they just keep coming.

The majority of Hoya plants flower and they are all stunning so that’s a great place to start if you can get your hands on these rare beauties!

Most houseplants flower but another star of the show has to be the seasonal Christmas Cactus (which also comes in an Easter Cactus variety). This plant has a very distinctive silhouette and gives off flourishes of stunning white and pink flowers over the festive period. For the rest of the year it’s a solidly reliable cacti!

Something more traditional is the Peace Lily, with its remarkable white towers of flowers. Their shape is elegant and they also have the added benefit of being on the NASA list of air purifying plants!

An obvious choice would also be the Orchid. Thee come with their very own and very long list of care instructions but if you nail it they’re well worth the trouble!

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