Plant Care Club - November

Plant Care Club - November

  1. Tweak your watering routine

    Plants grow less during the winter, so we need to reduce the amount of water we give them until the spring months. For most plants, you can wait until they have completely dried out. Some varieties of cacti and succulents don’t need watering at all during this time.

  2. Be wise when positioning your houseplants

    Keep your plants away from doors where they will be hit with draughts and move them away from any artificial heat sources such as radiators and heaters.

  3. Keep it clean

    It’s important to keep the leaves on your houseplants free from dust, wipe leaves with a damp cloth to let them breathe and absorb more light in the darker months.

  4. Don’t be afraid of dropping leaves

    Plants naturally shed old leaves to give the younger healthier leaves more nutrients, so don’t worry if a few drop during the cold spells. Chop off any browning or yellowing leaves as the season progresses.

  5. Your plants might not have died!

    If you have Oxalis, Caladiums and Alocasias or any other tuberous plants, please don’t throw them away if they look like they have died. These plants may go dormant during the winter, just pop them in a dark cupboard and wait until the spring, they will come back healthier than ever!
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